Grain Handling Morebattle

As experienced grain handling experts in Morebattle, d.m.i. mechanical engineers are able to provide all of our customers with reliable services and machinery. We use our knowledge to provide and install a range of equipment designed for grain handling from all leading manufacturers in the grain harvesting industry.

Grain Plant Servicing

We understand how important it is to keep the ball rolling when running your own harvesting business, especially in harvest season. By providing maintenance services, repairs and spare parts we can make sure that your machines are up and running at maximum performance all year round. Why have costly downtime? No one needs machines out of order for long so get the repairs and spare parts you need here from d.m.i. mechanical engineers in Morebattle.

Grain handling machines include driers, oil fired burners and various handling machines. The grain handling machines that we have here in Morebattle include:

  • Alvan Blanch DF37000S Drier
  • Mecmar 12 Tonne Mobile Drier
  • Svegma 50 Tonne Drier
  • Skandia Curved Conveyor
  • Svegma 38 Tonne Drier
  • Mecmar 25 Tonne Mobile Drier for Messrs
  • Alvan Blanch DF22000S Double Flow Grain Drier
  • Mecmar 20 Tonne Mobile Drier
  • Svegman Drier
  • Law-Denis SCN 4/36 Drier
  • Cimbria Grain Dryer
  • Svegma Grain Drier with Kongslide Weigher

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