Mecmar Mobile Driers

Providing engineering services in the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and The Lothian’s.

Mecmar Driers

d.m.i. mechanical engineers are now the main supplier for Mecmar driers within Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

We can supply Mecmar mobile and static driers individually specified, available with PTO drive, electric drive and dual drive (electric or PTO). Mecmar driers are renowned for their performance, reliability and durability. Mecmar driers are built to a quality and not built to a price. Mecmar drier features are covered in the factory brochure, but there are certain features unique to Mecmar Driers of which we are particularly proud. These unique features are highlighted on the below.

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Riello Burners

All Mecmar driers are fitted with the Riello Industrial Burner. this is a bona fide piece of equipment which enjoys the technical and service support of 30 specialist engineers throughout the UK.

Galvanised Areas

Mecmar are the only company that galvanise critical parts of the drier, for example:

  • Bottom Boot
  • Main Hopper Super Structure
  • Intake Hopper

All the above are hot dip galvanised. These areas are particularly prone to moisture exposure during drying.

Full Length Furnace

The Mecmar Drier has a full length furnace. This is critically important because it enables hot and cold air to be mixed before entering the plenum chamber.

Solid Shaft Drive System

Mecmar use solid shaft drive system with shear bolt protection to the main central auger. This is critically important, especially in difficult conditions. The gearbox can be detached from the drier, serviced and replaced while the drier is full of grain.

The agitator drive is independent of the central auger and uses its own gearbox.

See below some of the Mecmar Driers which we supplied in the area.

12 Tonne

15 Tonne

18 Tonne

18 Tonne

20 Tonne

25 Tonne

28 Tonne

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