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SSI 28T Mecmar Installation

SSI 28T Mecmar Drier Installation.

A new customer form East Lothian contacted us after he had become frustrated with his unreliable and aging grain drying system, we were asked to look over his system and come up with suggestions on how we could make improvements to make the system more reliable.

After an initial site inspection and listening to the customer about his problems with the existing system DMI come up with a proposal to replace his three existing driers with a single 28t Mecmar along with installing new feed conveyors and a storage bin, the intake pit and elevator feed also required replacing but due to time constraints this was postponed until after this years harvest was out the way.

The SSI 28t Mecmar drier was selected to replace the three smaller drying units, the drier was specified with an unloading Auger to fill a Perry 24t holding bin along with a control system with ‘state of the art’ touch screen with remote access. The touch screenis an option recently offered by Mecmar and is becoming increasingly popular with our customers as it allows remote access by phone or tablet to let the operator see how the drier is running and can allow changes to be made remotely to the drying cycle if required.

We replaced the conveying system from the customers wet grain bins with a unit to feed directly into the drier and from the drier the grain was transferred into a holding bin before being taken away to his grain storage facility.

A decision to postpone the Intake Pit and Elevator until after the harvest was taken after discussions with the local builder regarding the groundworks and the time it would have taken to complete, it was just to close to harvest time to give everyone the confidence that it would be completed in time.

The first phase of the project was finished in time for the harvest, the drier and new equipment performing trouble free, the final phase to replace the intake pit and elevator should commence early in the new year and this should give our customer the improved reliability and control he wanted with his grain drying system.

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