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Static Grain Drier Modification

Grain Drier Modification

A customer in Northumberland was modifying his Kentra drier to reduce his running costs by using a Calibrate Energy Heat Pump System, DMI was asked to Design, Manufacturing and Install suitable ducting to direct air passing through the hot air heat exchanger into the drier and keep the air that passed through the cold heat exchanger separate from the ambient air.

First job was to keep the cold air separate from the ambient air, this was done by blocking off the gap between the cold heat exchanger and the burner towers, this was a relative straight forward process we used 2mm thick galvanised steel sheets to fabricate a chamber making sure there was a sufficient gap left between the outside skin and the burner towers to allow adequate ventilation, an access door was added to one end for cleaning and for maintenance purposes.

Fitting the air ducting from the hot air heat exchanger was the next task. The hot air heat exchanger had been fitted on top of the control centre by Calibrate, we manufactured and attached a manifold to the front of the heat exchanger that had two 1m diameter spigots on top for the ducting to be attached, the manifold measured 7m x 1.2m x 3m high, axial fans were fitted inside the round openings that had speed controllers which helped regulate the flow of air into the drier. Holes were cut into the drier and round to square transformers were made and fitted to each side of the drier (the square transformer allowed the air to dissipate more evenly into the drier chamber) the final pieces of ducting were added to join up to the manifold.An access door was added to the end of the manifold to help with cleaning and maintenance to the heat exchanger. Fitting the ducting turned out to be challenging, the one metre ducting was difficult to handle along with the added dangers with working at height also timing each job had to be worked in with our customers schedule as an early start to harvest meant he was running his drier some of the days when we were doing the installation, before we could do thefinal cutting into the drier wehad to make sure we had everything prepared so that the drier had minimum down time.

As well as the ducting work we were asked by our customer to cut an inspection hatch and fit an access platform to the side of the drier and repair some leaks in his older ducting, these jobs were completed as we went along with the main project.

This was a challenging job from start to finish, the heat exchangers were installed by Calibrate a little later than planned and combined with the longer than usual delivery lead times for the ducting this pushed the commissioning date for the system very close to when our customer was starting to harvest his main crop, however we did manage to complete the installation with a few days to spare. The commissioning was completed by Calibrate Energy without any major problems and much to everyone’s relief.

The pictures show the Drier and Hot Heat Exchanger, the DMI manifold is in front of the heat exchanger and shows the two 1 metre ducts coming out the top, the right hand one goes directly into the drier and the left hand one goes into the grain store then out the side wall into the other side of the drier, the other picture shows the ducting on the inside of the Grain Store.

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