What Is an Agricultural Engineer?

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What Is an Agricultural Engineer?

An agricultural engineer helps to make farming safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. They analyse agricultural operations and weigh the use of new technologies and methods to increase yields, improve land use, and conserve resources such as seed, water, pesticides and fuel.

An engineer will then recommend strategies to protect the safety, health and security of worker’s, animals and agricultural products.

Benefits of an Experienced Agricultural Engineer

There are many benefits of using an experienced agricultural engineer, the main one being to ensure that all the work which is being taken out is done professionally, correctly and meets all requirements.

Bullet pointed are some of the benefits of using an experienced agricultural engineer:

  • Knowledgeable in the design of agricultural machinery, equipment, and agricultural structures.
  • Experienced in agricultural resource management.
  • Experts in soil management and conservation, including erosion and erosion control
  • Seeding, tillage, harvesting, and processing of crops.
  • Able to offer advice and guidance on livestock production, including poultry, fish, and dairy animals.
  • Specialist in the processing of agricultural products and food engineering.
  • Basic principles of circuit analysis, as applied to electrical motors.
  • Can take out experiments related to crop and animal production.

Safety Aspects & Safe Working Practices

Although there is a code of practice that is intended to raise awareness of the risks and hazards associated with agriculture, not everyone abides by it. Using an experienced agricultural engineer ensures that all work which is taken out on your property is done safely and professionally. Agricultural engineer is a dangerous job, with its regular use of types of vehicles, equipment and machinery; it is crucial that an expert is employed to carry out this type of work as hazards can arise quickly and sometimes unpredictably.

Agricultural vehicles, equipment and machinery can be hazardous if they aren’t in correct working order and maintenance work isn’t carried out. For more information regarding what types of hazards can arise with farming machinery, visit this website.

The generic scheme is a scheme which assists in promoting professionalism amongst land-based contractors. This encourages high standards of safe working practices, which ensures that customers get the level of service they would expect.

As well as the generic scheme being in pace to keep agricultural engineers safe, there is also the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. This Act was established in order to make sure that workers on a farm must ensure their safety. The guide outlines the health and safety information for common vehicles, equipment and machinery which is used.

Maintenance Service

Ensuring that all your equipment is safe to use and in good working order is crucial, regular repairs and services for your machinery is key to ensuring all work carried out is done safely and efficiently. Using an experienced agricultural engineer will help prevent any issues with the machinery being used arising.

Equipment maintenance checklists on the British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association (BAGMA) website are an extremely useful source to use when undertaking maintenance on your machinery.

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